Bleeding Spades & Family Legacy

Teevee Aguirre
2 min readAug 15, 2023


Years ago, I designed a family crest to represent my family lineage moving forward.

Simple design. Nothing complicated.

Then wrapped the design in a story my descendants would tell for generations to come when they spoke about El Viejito.

The Bleeding Spade

The blade and the embedded bleeding heart symbolize the sacrifices made for love, family, and the commitment to protect and uphold our values:

Passion. Integrity. Sacrifice. Love.

To be a member of our clan- you must stay true to these values.

I’ve modeled these values as best as I could for my daughters and instilled the idea of family pride every step of the way.

They are proud to be an Aguirre. They are proud to be my daughters. They are proud to be a part of our story.

I got the Bleeding Spade got tattooed on my left forearm years ago. The red is fading, but my commitment to my family is stronger than ever.

But now my girls also have fresh Bleeding Spades inked on their arms. You can still see the blood.

I never required this when I shared our story and the crest. They both opted into this idea as adults.

It started as a little idea.

It’s become a reality. Now, all my descendants will tell our story of the Bleeding Spades.

The Viejito and the Aguirre Clan



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