When a New Habit Becomes a Ritual and Why Meditation Makes the World a Better Place

Teevee Aguirre
2 min readApr 29, 2022


Today is the 4th anniversary of being able to shut my eyes for more than 2 minutes without losing my mind.

Of course, I keep track of this personal holiday.

Said differently, today marks the fourth year since I have maintained a daily meditation practice. There have been very few days where I don’t meditate at least once. On most days, I can sit my happy little booty down twice. I’ll even do a full hour when the need arises.

The habit is now a ritual.

It’s almost automatic. I was finally able to delete the reminders to meditate from my habits app. That was an epic moment.

I still meditate first thing in the morning. It’s a crazy chatty mess every single morning.

But it’s a necessary process that helps me relax before I start the day.

Then I would meditate at 6pm. That worked for a while until it felt weird. I couldn’t explain it. My body told me that I needed to sit down and relax at 3pm.

Yes, my body and I speak to each other.

After giving it some thought, I realized why I needed my late meditation session earlier. I started to wake up at 5am a couple of years back which changed the timing of my body’s internal clock.

So now, without fail, I have to meditate by 3pm, or someone’s head will fly off. Luckily I work alone, so no heads have flown yet.

Meditation hasn’t made me a million dollars.

But it has made me more tolerable and helped give me peace of mind.

I’ll breathe to that.


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